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Home design is an extension of one’s personality. The types of items that fill up the nooks and crannies of every room exude a sense of personal style, taste, and character. Our furniture store knows just how important it is to choose the type of furniture that best resonates with you, which is why we specialize in retailing and customizing beautiful furniture pieces. At our furniture store, you can search through our selection of sofas, couches, and home decor where you can find an item you’re sure to love! And if you have a very unique piece in mind, we can bring it to life. We also offer custom designed furniture to celebrate your unique style!

Though we have a tremendous selection of beautiful, expertly-made furniture in our store, we gladly offer custom sofas to ensure our customers receive the item that perfectly completes their space. Every aspect of the item can be designed exactly to your liking! Our interior designers will work with you to model your concept as the ultimate piece of furniture in style, comfort, and design. In just two to three weeks, your custom sofa will be fully completed and ready to deliver to your home!

We stock and make custom furniture slipcovers as well as sofa covers, cushion covers, daybed covers, sectional covers and futon covers so that you enjoy your furniture items comfortably in your home! Check out our custom slipcovers selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our home & living shops. Be sure to check out our other furniture items for more options on the latest styles and designs of the season.

One of the most convenient innovations in modern living, sofa beds are a perfect way to truly make the most of your space. Our selection of sofa beds include comfortable futons, pull out beds, recliners, and more. With sofa beds, you can have a beautifully designed, relaxing sofa that can be converted into a complete mattress in the blink of an eye! Perfect for apartments and smaller homes, these pieces of furniture are the perfect combination of appeal and leisure.

Reupholstery is a particular craft that requires a skilled hand to do it properly. When you need furniture reupholstered, rely upon us to get the job done. Our reupholsters are renowned in their expertise in amending and improving upon existing furniture. The reupholster process is quite intricate. In order to do a good job, the reupholster must work carefully. Our reupholsters do their work by hand, making sure every part of the furniture is designed and created appropriately. We can work with any brand, size, and shape of furniture, and we’ll make sure the end result is better than ever!

Sectional sofas are great furniture pieces to have within a household, especially in the main living room. Ideal for large families, they’re unique shape and connecting seats allow for more seating while conserving space. Whenever you’d like to find a nice and convenient sectional sofa, our store is the place to be! As the focal point of the room, we make sure to design high quality and appealing sofas to bring beauty and comfort into the space it’s located at.

Sofa sleepers make the perfect addition to a home. Due to their unique design, sofa sleepers allow for comfortable seating and sleeping. By extending flatly into a bed, this ergonomic piece of furniture is very versatile and handy to have. With our sofa sleepers, you can rest assured that your guest will have a good night’s sleep during their visit. At the same time, you can fold the bed back into a sofa, making it the popular seating spot in the room!

Here at Sofa Interiors, we are committed to providing high quality furniture and home decor items, while maintaining economical prices for our customers. Every home should be designed to your liking, and furniture is the greatest tool to accentuate your unique style. Our team of associates and interior designers are dedicated to providing the service, guidance, and assistance you need to receive the perfect piece of furniture. With our collection, we will make sure your home becomes a dream come true!

Sofas have maintained a crucial presence inside homes for generations. Their typically formal design and leisurely format make them even more functional as a furniture piece. When you stop by our store, you’ll marvel at the amazing collection of sofas we have to offer. Every sofa within our store is made with quality materials, whether they’re upholstery or leather, and designed in an economical yet highly appealing manner. By including a sofa as a part of your interior design, you’ll exponentially improve your home’s aesthetic and functional properties.

Without a headboard, a bed is just a mattress! We have a grand collection of headboards in trendy and classic styles that will make your bed the best part of your home. Whether you have a twin or king size bed, we’ve got the headboards to match! A headboard can really emphasize the aesthetic style of your room. Whether it’s designed as a panel board, button tufted, or with ornate metal, headboards can accentuate comfort and sophistication, making your bedroom a personal paradise.